TemCorp jointly with Ryerson University performed a successful crash test on barrier wall type PL3, in accordance with MASH Test Level 5 (TL-5) and the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CHBDC). The test took place in Texas A&M Transportation Institute. The crash test involved a 36000kg tractor trailer impacting the barrier at a nominal speed of 80 km/h at a 15º angle. The barrier wall was designed using TemBar 180° hooks and straight bars.

The tractor-trailer and its load weighed in at 36,000 kgs. Operated by remote control and travelling at 80 kms per hour on a closed section of highway, the truck’s mission was to sideswipe the TemBar reinforced concrete barrier at a 15º angle without toppling over or penetrating it. When the dust cleared, the MTO – thanks to barrier expert, Dr. Khaled Sennah, and his team of researchers from Ryerson University – had independently documented proof of TemBar’s real strength and value.