Why use TemBar

Traditionally, concrete structures are reinforced using black reinforcing steel or Epoxy coated Steel.

Unless protected, steel will corrode or rust when exposed to air, water and salt. However, steel encased by concrete does not rapidly corrode as the concrete has a high pH and the embedded steel forms a passive layer which protects the steel from further corrosion. This passive film can be disrupted if the concrete’s pH decreases, through a process called carbonation, or if sufficient chloride ions are present, most commonly due to deicing salts or sea-water environments.

In North America three well known alternatives for corroded black steel have evolved: Stainless steel , epoxy coated steel , and GFRP bars.  Please see the Comparison.

GFRP bars provide an economical solution for concrete structures with it’s high strength to weight ratio, increased durability and resistance to corrosion. TemBar provides a great solution for concrete structures subjected to deicing salts, waterfront structures in salt water or in coastal areas.